Rebates and fees

Step 1

Obtain a GP referral for TMS treatment.

Step 2

Your initial TMS consultation, prescription and treatment mapping will be conducted with a psychiatrist. Please note that this is a 45-minute appointment.

The fee for this appointment is $448.45 with a Medicare rebate of $398.45 (out-of-pocket cost $50)

Appointment fee$448.45
Medicare rebate$398.45
Out-of-pocket cost$50.00

Step 3

Each session will be $158.20, of which Medicare will rebate you $138.20 daily (out-of-pocket cost $20).

Session fee$158.20
Medicare rebate$138.20
Out-of-pocket cost$20.00

If more information is required, please contact QueenslandTMS to talk with one of our friendly staff.

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