How TMS Therapy can be a treatment for depression

TMS Treatment Cairns

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy is a breakthrough, evidence-based treatment for depression that uses safe and non-invasive magnetic pulses to stimulate parts of the brain to improve the symptoms of depression.

It can be particularly useful for sufferers of depression who have found no relief from other treatments like antidepressants and psychotherapy..

The facts speak for themselves:

While it’s important to remember that results vary from person to person, TMS patients have a 60% chance of significant  improvement in symptoms of depression.

In fact, with a 35-40% remission rate, evidence clearly shows that TMS outperforms alternate treatments like antidepressants, that in comparison, show a much smaller chance of remission.

Low-risk and low cost:

While depression is often treated with antidepressant medications, this isn’t an effective method of treatment for everyone. Not only is TMS proving to be the more effective treatment available, but it’s also deemed a safe and low-risk option – with no systemic side effects from medications. And as a non-invasive outpatient procedure, patients will be back to their daily activities immediately after the 20minute procedure.

TMS therapy is Medicare funded for clients with Treatment Resistant Depression. This puts the current out-of-pocket cost at just as $20 per session.

Want to know more?

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*Patients undergo 20minute daily treatment for 6-8weeks.

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